The Potter’s House

I think the movie Ghost, which I’ve never seen any part of and have no desire to, has wrecked pottery for everyone. 
…which is a bit sad as pottery is useful for so many things and quite beautiful when one knows what they’re doing. 
Our friends the Petkaus live east of the Crossfield overpass and Rylee’s studio is called The Potter’s House. We were recently hanging out there and she was kind enough to host us in her amazing studio. 
If you have kids you need to take them there like this week because it’s the coolest place ever. I knew Rylee was great with kids because we asked her to do a Venue Kids Virtual pottery craft and it was incredible. 
I watched a couple of minutes as she instructed the kids and immediately told the Kids Team Lead “I want her teaching Sunday school!”. 
They were building sheep that one could put plants in and I overheard her comment kindly to one little boy “Your sheep’s head looks a little square so maybe you could…. Unless you like a sheep with a square head, then it’s great!”. 
One of my favourite things as a pastor is watching people do what God made them to do. We all need that sense of accomplishment we only get when we find our place in it all and help people with our gift to find theirs. 
Now I’ve decided her place is also teaching Venue Kids because she had an amazing way with them. She panicked a little when she was “voluntold” with something like “Ok, but only if it has to do with pottery!”
I just laughed and left it hang in awkward silence.. 
Now I would never force someone to do something they really don’t want to, unless it’s my kids taking out the trash, but someone who is good with kids is a godsend and you never know where the journey ends up and how many children can have their lives changed because of one person. 
My wife Erin and a couple of her friends tried their hand at the pottery wheel. My buddy Chad later confided in me that he’d failed miserably when he’d tried, which makes me glad I played the “maybe later?” card. I don’t like losing and particularly to my wife and particularly in something like pottery. 
“But it’s not a competition you horrible man!” You might say..
And I would resent that. Sure I might be horrible and definitely a man, but EVERYTHING is a competition. 
Erin and the girls had a blast. Apparently it’s a lot harder than it looks even though I was as free with my advice as I dared before someone noticed I hadn’t actually tried it yet and should put my money where my mouth is and give it a go. 
My wife went on and on about it after and when she finds something that makes her happy it always makes me happy, unless it’s doing dishes. I spent my time in the studio looking at Rylee’s intricate artwork that, in my limited male vocabulary, I could only describe as “It looks like she made this for Lord of the Rings!” 
You’d have to see it for yourself to know what I mean, or get on her FB page. And I felt that I did her a service by NOT trying my hand as I would have gone against her Lord of the Rings vibe and more into Lord of the Flies… 
Some people were made to make beautiful things. They imagine something and work their way back to figure out how to move what’s in their head or heart onto their wheel, or canvas. 
Some people can do it with words and some people can do it with music. 
My buddy said God made him good at mechanics. He just knows how to tear things apart, fix them and put them back together. He can do it in the time it would take me just to tear it apart, stare blankly for an hour and then take all the pieces to him to sort out. 
He would laugh confidently and fix it for me, with a few smiling comments about just bringing it to him first next time like one would with a child who’s done his best but failed miserably all the same. 
As I write I’ve been wondering if I had any gifts to offer the world and I think someone on a pastor friend’s lead team might have said it off handedly about me after I’d spent a weekend with them:
“Pastor Corey has the gift of Awkward. He makes normal things awkward and takes the awkward out of awkward situations.”
My wife says she’s not wrong. 
Some people make beautiful things. I make awkward things beautiful and beautiful things awkward. 
You’re welcome everybody:) 

One thought on “The Potter’s House

  1. It was such a pleasure to share my passion with you guys!! Thank you for the compliments! As for teaching Sunday school….well…we’ll see!! ☺️


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