Don’t Bother Pointing That Out

“Guys, if you didn’t need a motorcycle BEFORE covid, you don’t need one now”… is what I said about a week before I bought myself a motorcycle. 
In my defence I recorded the video on our Venue Youtube channel a week or two before it came out. So, two weeks. 
But there’s no getting around the fact I bought a bike. 
Some poor fool in Kelowna (actually he was very nice) bought a Yamaha MT 09 exactly one year before, put a bunch of aftermarket stuff on it, lost about $4,500 in that year and sold it to yours truly. 
Advantage ME. 
Now I’m quite aware of the irony of my purchase, so don’t bother pointing it out to me because that just wouldn’t be classy of you and I hold you in such high esteem…
Around the two month mark of this silly covid I realized my soul was getting drained, and for someone like me to have this sort of thing creep up on me was a surprise. 
You know how some people have built in gauges on their love/ energy/ happiness/ contentment/ peace levels? I’m one of those people. It’s good to have one of those in your family because one of my main jobs is to check other people’s gauges. 
“How are you doing?” I ask. “You don’t look happy. You seem a bit tired. Your face looks a little irritated.”These are some of the annoying questions I ask that are less about me meddling in people’s affairs and more about drawing their own attention to their emotional state. 
Not everyone can do this, but my dad taught me well. It’s part of being a leader I suppose. Know Thy State. And Know the State of Thy Neighbour before they hurt you for asking for your garden hose back because they’re in a weird mood. 
My gauges face me, but most people’s gauges face away from them, so they need to step off their motorcycle, walk around and check their fuel levels from time to time before they run out on the highway of life. 
(I have loads of motorcycle references now to justify my purchase)
So if my soul was getting into an odd state and sneaking up on my happiness, I realized everyone else’s had probably been there for a couple of weeks already. I began looking around at people’s reactions to normal things and found the reactions weren’t normal anymore. 
And who could blame us really? There’s never been a template for shutting a country down for a pandemic. Also if I’m honest I’m not sure history will paint kindly the extremes we flattened the covid curve with whilst completely ignoring every other curve in our fragile human existence, like the need for diagnosing cancer patients early and people who were sick with something other than covid
But worship at the altar of covid we did, now we’ll see how we respond emotionally. 
We adapted for two months, but now I’m finding a new adaptation might be necessary because what got us here won’t get us there so to speak. 
Some people spent the first two months well, but it won’t be enough to get us into the next two without another radical shift. 
My new adaptation is riding my MT 09. It makes me happy and fills my soul. Now the ability to buy it for cash is all thanks to Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University we tackled about six years ago to pay off debt and live extremely disciplined from month to month.  
When the prices go down, good financial stewards can buy. I would not recommend buying on credit for anything right now because that itch will start to bleed when payback time comes. 
Going for rides with my girls or with Erin has been a lot of fun. I could say (and have) that I really bought it for my wife, whom several Fridays ago told me “You either need to buy a puppy or a motorcycle before the end of tonight”. 
I don’t want a puppy but it didn’t take much to talk me into a motorcycle. I’m a human male after all…
Also I’m great at telling myself stories that make what I’d already decided seem very reasonable, but I also bounced the idea off some Venue guys who have a good handle on their finances first, which is a great way to off-site financial purchases so my wife has some confidence I didn’t just get something silly stuck in my head and am pushing it through in spite of what she thinks. 
Erin is spending more time in the garden and around the yard. She also pets dogs more because it fills her soul. I pet dogs but then feel gross until I wash my hands. 
If we don’t find these things now you and I will start looking at the people we live with, hand them a giant rock on which is written “It’s your job to make me happy now”, and see if they can. 
It’s not their job to make you happy. It’s yours. 
Find something new that energized you and isn’t some weird addiction you’ll have to kick later. Find something good for your family too. It’s your new job to experiment and change your schedule up. 
Our lives are too one note right now, but we need to start opening up the country and denying the ability of this thing to beat us for much longer. 
That starts with little things like you taking responsibility for the state of your own soul…

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