We just purchased a 2015 Explorer and I researched the heck out of them.

One thing you should know about me is that I HATE paying retail for anything, so I’m always looking for deals and how much someone will move on a price, but my dad also taught me never to purchase anything quickly that you don’t really need ESPECIALLY if it’s on sale.

An “On Sale Now!” red sign tends to panic my wife into thinking that she needs something (although in her defence she’s cheaper than I am), but paying a cheaper price for something Not on my list is a Richard Kope No No.

“Son, if you didn’t know you needed it before it went on sale, you DIDN’T NEED IT AFTER”

The say for every $100 you spend you should add a day of thinking about it, or something like that, so when I was looking into trading our gas guzzling old black on black Lincoln Navigators with 220,000 kms on them, before the repairs started killing me more than they already were, I really looked into what I should purchase next. I had two because they made me feel like a rapper I think.

One of the reasons we needed two bigger vehicles was that Erin and I have too many children and feel like bad parents leaving one of them behind because we don’t have enough car seats for them all, the other is that because Venue had trailers I needed to be somewhat prepared to drop a trailer on either of them with ten minute’s notice.

Now, I’m a bit dangerous when I decide to do something which is why my dad’s cautious streak was pounded into me (not actually pounded:), but I’m glad for it because my natural personality can make VERY fast decisions and not look back.

So I researched the heck out of what I wanted.

We decided we didn’t need to have two vehicles big enough for the family so I maybe overreacted by buying a car off of a buddy of mine on the same day I sold my Nav. Actually I was only planning on selling Erin’s but they saw mine and asked about it and I said what I would always say “Everything’s for sale!” with a big smile on my face.

“Well, can we test drive that one too?”

“Sure! It’ll cost you another three grand more though…” (still with a smile).

Turns out they liked it better and now I needed a car. Friend X (let’s call him) was mentioning he might offload his wife’s car and when Friend X is a fussy mechanic who keeps his stuff in perfect condition and wants to bless his pastor with a great price there’s not much to think about.

Oh and also his vehicles have all the toys included and the Verano’s turbo is a veritable rocket which helped in my decision because I like nice things:)

In cutting my gas bill in half I started to get the sense that has always served me well that it was time to move Erin’s Nav too. You never know when the next Fix Me bill is a big one, and we had room in our budget.

I didn’t want a ridiculously large vehicle and had looked at a bunch and finally settled on an Explorer.

Friend X and I drove a red one from a dealer in Calgary which checked all the boxes, but the poor salesman’s knuckle headed manager kept insisting on asking full price for a USED CAR after promising a lower price because maybe he doesn’t understand how the world works? That’s not something you do to someone like me and, oh, I HATE paying full price for anything.

So I went to Edmonton after calling a lady with a white Explorer Sport that look like the Range Rovers while costing Ford prices.

This is how it went down:

Her Explorer was at her dads so I went and asked him if we could take it for a ride. I can sweet talk nearly anyone and especially old industry guys.

Now most people would ask for a copy of the license and some sort of guarantee, or at the very least come with us, but I kept talking and he eventually found me to be credible enough to do what I wanted, which was to take the vehicle and REALLY drive it. We must have had it out for an hour and a half by the time we took it to the car wash just to make sure it was good.

Also I should mention I sold two Navigators over ten years old to two lovely customers who decided they didn’t need to inspect them because I can talk up a product and sell ice to Eskimos.

After a few minutes of driving the Explorer it became apparent there was a slight smell of cigarettes inside the otherwise perfect vehicle. I just smiled and told Erin “watch what I do next”.

First of all I got a test drive with no skin in the game, then I made the call to the owner whose vehicle was already three thousand below starting market value and said “Well my dear, the problem is that you’ve smoked in this vehicle, and that’s going to cost you a bit:)” (with a big smile).

Did I get another two grand off? Yes I did.

Did I get both sets of keys from her old man to keep overnight while we stayed in a very nice AirBnb which was also priced ridiculously below market value (I always offer less and see what happens)? Yes I did.

Did I get it inspected? Obviously yes!

I was getting fuel last night on a tank just under a quarter and it cost $49.

Was I pleased with myself? Yes I was.

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