Airdrie Easter

Remember the giant Easter Egg Hunt that happened in Airdrie every year?

It’s baaaaack!

Easter Sunday morning Venue is running our Easter Experience at 10:30 am at the Bert Church Live Theatre with the giant Easter Egg Hunt event beginning about an hour later in the Ed EGGerer Field (appropriately named) and surrounding areas. Here’s the plan, and when I say plan here’s what my team is telling me is happening…

80,000 Easter eggs! Petting zoo! Bouncy Castles! Food Trucks! Face painting! Balloon art! Toddler area! Photo booth! First aid tent (not as exciting). And a bunch of other things I didn’t know were things until I was told we were doing them!

My only insistence is that Erin wears the Easter Bunny suit. I’m technically in charge, even if my organizational skills would shrink the event to throwing twenty eggs in the backyard for my own girls, but I should have enough pull to get Pastor Erin into that getup and take a million pics so the next time I’m losing a marital argument I have the option to toss a “Sorry Easter Bunny, what was that?” into the mix.

Kudos to Living Springs Church in Airdrie who somehow managed this massive thing in past years, although my organizers had four simultaneous heart attacks when they looked over their email of what actually went into this event for some thousands:

80,000 Easter eggs? Yikes. Seriously… kudos for this massive and generous undertaking! When we were looking into doing it we heard over and over from Airdrietonians (it’s a real word Siri) “We really miss this event! It was so awesome!”

It also should be noted that I’ve also heard the rare case where people were upset when they couldn’t do it last year and actually angry, as if these generous people OWED it to the rest of us to fund the event out of their own pockets and dedicate weeks of hard work? I’m choosing to think that perhaps the silliness was misinformed, or in the least just silly and that we don’t need our moms to give us that look from across the room that’s like “What did you just say Corey???”

In looking at the actual budget numbers and sheer volunteer undertaking I’m in awe of what they did.

It should also be noted to the semi-religious skeptic who doesn’t enjoy sunshine or the sound of children’s laughter not to consider this a pagan event of biblical, chocolatal proportions on the most holiest of Christian holidays and be offended? I’m not sure there’s a response that would make you happy if you have a thing against chocolate.

Granted, do NOT attempt to eat all the chocolate in one sitting children! Pastor Corey tried that one Easter, woke up in his basement bedroom at two in the morning to an “ALERT ALERT! THE ENTIRE SOLID CHOCOLATE EASTER BUNNY IS EXITING THE WAY IT CAME!!”

I tried to wait it out, but twenty seconds later my brain shouted “What are you waiting for fool?? RUN!”

And I did. I actually made it halfway across the basement before pulling the pin on the chocolate grenade. My dad heard it go off from his room upstairs, came down in his calm way to survey the result of my life choices, then calmly got out the mop.

Love my dad…

I would recommend attending an Easter service in one of the great churches in our community and celebrating what Easter is all about if you’re concerned that having fun AND going to church can’t coexist? The thing that sets the Christian faith apart (with all respect), must be the single most transformational mornings the world has ever seen, should its claims be true.

It’s funny how we feel ashamed of things like faith these days, as if I respect your beliefs less by believing mine the more? As if love is the same thing as being forced to agree with each other? The demands for tolerance are just and true, as long as they’re well, just and true at the same time. From some faith spring such things as sacrifice, the protection of the innocent, hope that humans can rise and attempt the noble…

But I digress, and must needs return to the subject of chocolate before becoming the subject of those who might resent my suggestion that believing in something might be better than believing in nothing…

So Venue is taking a slightly different spin on this event. I come from industry and have business friends in the community, and I had the thought that to help drum up a little business for them in what’s been an economic slump we should consider opening it to them as well by providing cheap local advertising, and right next to some of the events they could sponsor? That is how we do business in Airdrie isn’t it, with people we’ve met, talked to and shaken hands with?

In approaching the City they also liked the business aspect and so we’re moving ahead along these lines. It just makes sense and provides two healthy by-products: making the event itself as great as it could be (every cent goes back into the event), and not hammering our church budget or volunteers with the entire weight of it so we don’t suffer an Easter hangover (as opposed to some who sadly will just be suffering a hangover hangover Easter morning).

To the non religious skeptic who’s asking “What’s in it for your church?” I would say nothing. Actually first I would say “Ugh” in my own mind, then I would say “Nothing” out loud.  We came to Airdrie to serve, and if you’d like to help us you are more than welcome to by volunteering, sponsoring or looking up the event on Facebook and sharing it with friends?

For more information, or if you’re a business owner go to!

But remember, children…

Eat chocolate responsibly.

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