Details details. I hate details.

Even the word details is boring. Process. Policy. Procedure. Boring.

Venue is just out of the church planting stage where everything is Idea! Adrenaline! Run! This is fairly normal in any successful startup where the leader has to be both the visionary and the main operator, in fact startups don’t last if there’s not a visionary in the drivers seat.

My days have been split between the vision and the operating. Meaning I’ll be putting a sermon together and planning for the future, then have to answer ten emails and fourteen texts about how the next function is actually going to go down and who should do what, then have to counsel someone with personal problems, then have to try and wrap my head around the vision piece again. It’s exhausting but also a bit crazy, which I like.

But ask us how we actually got the last project done and you’ll get a bunch of blank stares. The truth is, we don’t know, we just figured it out on the fly and didn’t write it down because that’s BORING and would take too long.

Now it’s time to move into respectability (cough cough) and start backing into the role I really need to play and letting others sort out the details which I hate, and actually writing it down so we don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time we do anything. It’s funny how one man’s trash is another man’s treasure? Meaning there are people who love lists and phone calls and details!

There’s a story of how three different people go about moving a photocopier:

The Operator walks over to it, picks it up and moves it to where it needs to go.

The Processor writes a memo “At 10:30 am a committee approached the photocopier from the south side of the office…”

The Visionary says “We have a photocopier??”

(This is all ripped off of Les McKeown’s The Synergist)

I was recently asked by a young man at Venue where something he was holding needed to be put away (I can’t even remember what it was). My response was “I don’t think I’ll ever know what to do with that”, with a big smile.

The people I get to work with are incredible, that’s why.

We just changed our service time to 10:30 am Sundays in less than a month and our Dream Team of volunteers pulled it off without a hitch. We have around a hundred people who are involved in making Venue tick and we’re at the stage now where I don’t have to get involved in everything. In fact I asked during our Dream Team party this week if the team leads needed me at their meeting.


So I went and ate a hot dog.

I recently went for lunch with a friend of mine Anthony Greco who pastors Calgary Life Church. Even to the leather jackets we both showed up in, he could be my older and not as handsome brother! (I make fun of my real brother too.)

It was one of those times when we both told stories of what it must be like working with us because we’re visionaries. We can talk people into things, even if we’re not sure what we’re selling. He was coaching me on how to train people to handle those things that kill us… details.

Give me a challenge and I’m great. Give me an impossible situation and I’ll be like “Oh yeah?? Watch me!”

Ask me the process of how someone sets up a video camera switcher and I’ll pretend to have a heart attack and lay on the ground until you leave. It’s not my jam.

I think many of us never really find our sweet spot in life. I do realize that when you’re young you have to do whatever you have to to build a career to support your family, and not all of that is glorious or enjoyable.

You have to do a bunch of things you might not like whether you’re good at them or not. That’s called LIFE and there’s no point in howling about it.

But if you’re lucky enough to be in a family or career or church where you feel needed and need other people, let’s try and be more grateful?

Some people don’t know what that feels like…

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