Twenty One Pilots

My daughter Ailish came bouncing into my office last Wednesday morning with big news:

Twenty One Pilots just released new songs! There’s been a million views since midnight!!!!

All through the day I received crucial updates about the raging success her favourite band is experience even during the crushing defeat England suffered at the hands of Croatia. Future note to daughters: Don’t talk to dad unless it’s about soccer during soccer.

Because I want her to love me I did what any dad would do, I was excited for her. I may have mostly been excited that she woke up before ten on a summer morning, but it still counts.

I don’t even have to pretend I enjoy Twenty One Pilots because I actually do. I’m not such a dinosaur that I can’t appreciate actual musicians creating very different music with depth in it. Quite brilliant actually! Probably one of my favourite bands too, and not because I’m trying to be Ailish’s best friend. My best friends are not thirteen year old girls, that would be weird.

I do however have a great relationship with my daughters mostly because I’m the one adult they know who’s actually in charge of things and still acts like a kid. We saw The Incredibles 2 in Winnipeg, which my brother didn’t really like or want to see again, but I got in his face raving about how awesome it was and how many times I wanted to see it with my equally raving daughters.

All that to say I wouldn’t pretend to like a band that my teenagers like to impress them because impressing people is something that doesn’t make my list most days. In fact I would be more likely to tell them what I really think about something and make a huge deal if it disagrees with them just because it’s funny.

Ironically we made the mistake of raising confident children and they can dish it out with the best of us…

Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun have a pretty good thing going on. Every since the first time heavydirtysoul came on I’ve been a fan. Do I know anything outside of their names? No. The only reason I remember their names is because of Google, though one would think hearing fifty million stories about their lives at home would be enough to remember two names.

The girls have two friends from Venue Youth called Alyssa and Tyler. Alyssa and I have weird moments where we just stare and attempt to out-awkward each other and Tyler was named after Tyler Joseph (I assume?) and they are both huge Twenty One Pilots fans.

I dream one day of sitting them all down and telling them that their two idols and I have actually been the best of friends and hang out every week, but I just never got around to telling them and I’m so sorry. Then, in my dream world, I would trot out some selfies with them as proof. Me, Tyler and Josh eating ice cream. Me, Tyler and Josh writing songs together. Me, Tyler and Josh singing karaoke. But it’s looking less and less likely that I’ll have the chance, mostly because I’ve never met them and they’re waaaay cooler than I am.

Unless of course they read random blogs written about them and want in on the joke? Guys??

Whatever. I’ll settle for really good music in a day where Arwen’s high school basketball warmups are terrifyingly and ridiculously lewd, proving once again that sex sells, but in a creepy messed up world, so does decent artistry from time to time! The world hasn’t all gone to hell in a self absorbed hand basket!

Heck, my ringtone is still Lane Boy from Twenty One Pilots:

“They say stay in your lane boy, lane boy, but we go where we want to”

Why? I’m the original rebel! Also I should be allowed to drive in whatever blend of lanes I’m comfortable with! I’m tired of being oppressed by the government! It’s just who I am!

So rock on lane boys! Six million views and counting a day later!

My advice for the day?

“Don’t trust a perfect person and don’t trust a song that’s flawless”

Words a generation might actually be able to live by?

Not unlike my motto:

“Show me a completely smooth operation and I’ll show you someone who’s covering mistakes. Real Boats Rock.”    Frank Herbert. Dune

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