Free Last Jedi

My Wednesday started like a normal one until at 9 o’clock when twenty one reminders came in followed by four simultaneous heart attacks.

Normally Wednesdays are quite busy with people and all the odds and ends of the week. Tuesdays are my sermon and Worship Xperience prep days and it’s best no one tries to have a civil conversation with me as my hair is all crazy and eyes wild.

Most Tuesdays I spend locked up in my office and only emerge to stress everybody out. Communicating like I do takes an enormous amount of concentration and I have a lovely audience who would like to hear something new and impacting every week, which I take seriously.

By the time mid week rolls around I have all the business aspects, team things, people meetings that most pastors do…

Aaaaand this morning I had the added shock of twenty one extra things that came up on the weekend which I couldn’t get to. I leave the reminders until nine so I can calmly have devotions (read the bible and pray), get my daughters to school, exercise and get well into my work morning before the storm hits.

And it did.

Canada Day is next week and we have a Venue float in the parade which needs all the advertising for July’s Night at the Movies in our Sunday 6 pm Worship Xperiences.

Plus we’re doing a free full length showing of The Last Jedi in our Bert Church Theatre Airdrie venue 6 pm on Canada Day that we’re putting on for the city.

The night will be a blast and totally on us, and we’ll be doing a draw for Beats By Dre, have free popcorn and drinks, free admission to The Last Jedi, and because that’s apparently not enough, a live band intermission!

Doors open at 5 pm and I would recommend getting there early to secure your seats and watch our Pre-Show movie.

Anyways, event planning stresses me out, but the funny thing is…

I like stress:)

The crazy number of extra things to do came up, so I looked smugly at my phone and said “We’ll see…”

I love chaos and having way too many things to do in a day. It’s actually more stressful when all the work is done and I get a little bored. It doesn’t happen often, but it does happen.

“Maybe you should read a book or RELAX or something?”

Relaxing is for relaxed people, and I’m not one of them. I sleep to charge my batteries to attack the next project. I eat to put gas in the tank. When and where and what each of those things consist of I don’t really care, as long as I can keep functioning and living the dream!

“What’s happening at your Night at the Movies series in July?”

The answer is I don’t really even know yet. Each Sunday night we will have an Xperience centred around a different movie with the theme “Things I Learned from Thor Ragnarok”… or something.

We have a new favourite saying around Venue: “Things get clearer the closer they get”, which means we’re great pulling things together with the adrenaline we get from not planning it meticulously fourteen miles out.

Having said that, we have many handlers that we literally could do nothing without who are actually planning things, doing the things we planned, and reminding me that I promised we’d do the next things and what was I thinking about how we would do them?

The answer is always a big grin and “I don’t really know, what do YOU think we should do?”

I’m an amazing delegator, and must be good at motivating people because everyone says they have to work harder when I’m around:)

Lately I was told in no uncertain terms by a very capable Dream Team member and friend that I was not allowed to randomly put people in charge of things without her input because the last time I did it messed everybody up.

Ouch! I took the shock with my normal good humour, rubbed my hands together, looked evil and said “Ooooooohhhh, you’re mad at me! I like this new you!” I secretly hope people get fired up about what they do…

Did I make a mistake with the last person I asked to coordinate whatever event it was? Undoubtedly. Did I think it was funny? Yes. Will I do it again? Apparently not:)

I just love progress, especially when it’s a bit of a mess!

So come out and party free of charge with Venue Church on Canada Day at 5 pm! Can’t wait for the Fireworks later and the inevitable traffic jam! Love my little city and love my country!

If you see me in the lobby that night, come and say hi! I’ll be the relaxed one with loads of time to chat because I won’t be allowed to mess anything up by helping:)

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