Where Should I Pray?

You and I fall on the “Prayer Scale” somewhere between Have-Never-Prayed to Professional Pray-er. I think I’m supposed to be in the last group because I’m a pastor…

From the first prayer you pray to the last one I’ll bet you share something in common with me…

The Title slide of the Prayer-Presentation has your name in it?

In a recent mudslide of revelation I came to the inevitable conclusion that I pray about things that affect ME. My first prayer as a child for God to save me was about ME and most prayers since then have had the same topic. Even when I pray for YOU it still probably affects ME somehow..

Not a very good professional pray-er? 

Matthew records a time when Jesus speaks to an audience similar to the audience reading this… Have-Never-Prayed to Professional Pray-er. He says something none of them wanted to hear but desperately needed to:

“You’re doing it wrong”
“All of us?”
“All of y’all!”
(emphasis added. actually, everything added)

Then Jesus passes over the obvious “How do I pray?” and “Why should I pray?” and asks a different question first. 

Matthew 6:5-6 MB “And when you come before God… Here’s what I want you to do: Find a secluded place so you won’t be tempted to role-play before God. Just be there as simply and honestly as you can manage.”

We’ve obviously all missed a few things about prayer and I think we’d be further ahead if we changed from “I pray when things are bad” to “Here’s WHERE I pray”.

here's where I pray
1. Find a place to pray.
     Jesus went to the mountain. Peter climbed to the rooftop. Isaac walked in a field. Your place might be your car on the way to work, but you need to set a place apart every day that is your PLACE to pray.

2. Shut the door.
     The translation indicates Jesus is saying “Go into your room and close the door behind you”. 
     Turn off the chatter. Turn off your phone. Turn off the TV. Turn off the noise. 

3. Simply and Honestly BE THERE.
     “But my life is complicated! And it’s been awhile since I’ve been really honest.” 
     I know it is and I know it’s been awhile. Just be present as simply and honestly as you can manage. 

If you could change your own heart you probably wouldn’t need to pray…


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