Selfie! 2. Jealousy

    King Saul, King Saul.

     What an idiot! You know, he didn’t get crazy all at once, he took his time. It was a bit of a process.
     Are you jealous of anyone? Just a little? It’s a fair question. If someone had asked Saul the day after David killed Goliath “Are you jealous? Just a little?” maybe the rest of his life would have been…well…longer anyways. Better for sure.
     Jealousy is like a drug that makes you question motives. Not bad motives. ALL motives. It makes you look at everyone through lenses that are warped. If image is about looking at yourself in a mirror, jealousy is about looking at others through glasses.
     Like a drunk driver who sets every pint glass he’s emptied in front of his vision, jealousy warps your sight and impairs your judgement. Of them.
     1. You’ll focus on them. 
          Saul was king and he lived the rest of his life obsessed about somebody else. What a waste of time! The funny thing is David wasn’t even thinking about Saul, he had his own stuff to deal with. But that might mean…wait for it… the person you’re thinking about probably isn’t thinking about you at all! Sorry to break it to ya.
     2. You’ll be a Control Freak.
          I watch a lot of people spend the time and energy it would take to fix themselves (and, ergo, their situation) trying to fix someone else. If only they hadn’t ____. If only they would _____.
          Snap! Why are you still trying to gain recognition from your dad? You can’t make him do it! If he failed to be a good dad to you, that’s his problem! You can’t change him, it’s up to him to change him. It’s his loss, and needs to stop being yours. I know people who are being controlled by expectations of dead people. That’s scary!
     3. You’ll be a pessimist.
          A victim. Fear leads to control leads to negativity. Why? Because you’re trying to control something outside of your control and you’ll fail every time. You’ll start telling yourself “I can’t do this”. Before you get that far, have you asked yourself “Should I be doing this? Should I be feeling this?”
      If you’re trying to be someone else, you’ll have a very disappointing life, and you’ll never know the unique distinction of finding your niche in the world. Let others worry about themselves. You worry about you. It’s like fixing an oxygen mask on yourself first, you’ll be of much more use to the people around you then.
     The long and short of it is… if you wait until you have what they have to become a better person or to change your situation, you never will.

One thought on “Selfie! 2. Jealousy

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