Selfie! 1. Image

  If you hang out with your wife for any length of time, you’ll find yourself in a clothing store bored out of your mind while she tries on outfits.

     Every now and again, she’ll emerge to present her possible outfit for “approval”. Just hollering “Buy it!” isn’t what she’s looking for, though it would certainly speed up the process. Girls are apparently different from guys, for the most part anyway. I’ve never postured in front of a mirror, twisting and turning to make my body (and outfit) look just right. I normally wonder how many steps she could walk all crippled up like that? But then again, I’ve never really asked anybody if my outfit looked ok or not, unless I’m on my way to preach (which I’ve learned to do from experience:). It’s not really on my radar.
     It’s on a girl’s radar. There are five women (including the little women) in my home right now. And me.
     Now, I’ve never had a sister so I didn’t know what was coming. It’s like they need to know that they’re pretty, and that’s my job. My wife’s dad never really did that for her, so she’s very happy to see me doing my job, even when I’m squirming because I have no idea how to navigate the treacherous waters of female minds. Don’t you dare judge me for saying that, you don’t live in my house!
     I feel like a psychologist who’s not very good and not getting paid.
     Everybody hated King Saul.
     Saul had image problems. Maybe the disaster that followed him around started there? He took so many bad character traits to their extreme, and lost his mind in the process, that you’d think he would have pulled out of the death spiral before it got so bad? So jealous was he of David (THE David in the Bible) that he kept trying to kill him.
     Hmmmm. What to do about the best guy you’ve got? I have it! Completely ignore the fact that you have a nation to run and get absolutely obsessed with one talented guy who would have been more than happy to serve you and fight your battles for you! Kill that guy quick!
     Image problems lead to jealousy, lack of authenticity and reality, a terrible headache, and finally the stupidest decisions you could possibly make.
     Saul wasn’t happy if he couldn’t be David. Don’t laugh! That might be you!
     How much time do you spend wondering why you don’t look like her? Why you don’t have what he has, drive the car that he drives? Why you’re not married to their spouse? Whoops. Too far?
     Question: Do you see yourself as you really are?
                     Do you like what you see?
     You were not an accident. I don’t care what your parents told you. I don’t care what your teacher told you. You are an intentional creation of a God who loves you and knows you! He may not have had control over the circumstances of your birth, but believe me when I say that He knew you before you were born. THAT is the truth. Build your life around THAT and it will change everything!
     In view of the previous statement, I’ll ask you again:
          Do you see yourself as you really are?
          Do you like what you see?
     If you don’t, you’ll do things to yourself you will regret..

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