The Way of the Warrior 2. Compassion


Rome was a cruel master.

     I suspect that most people don’t really know why Jesus was born. The nation of Israel didn’t. The religious leaders had been on the lookout for the Messiah for many years, and even they missed it.
     Do you know why? I’ll bet you don’t! Not like a money bet, but just for the sake of curiosity….
     Back to Rome. The bodies and souls of those they ruled were crying out to be saved. Intense pressure and slavery, and always the threat of destruction (which actually happened to Jerusalem not too many years after Christ). Israel’s bodies and souls (your soul is your mind, will and emotions) had been saved before, when God raised up leaders and armies to overthrow their oppressors. It had happened quite a few times that way. Then came Jesus.
     The King of all kings born in obscurity. No fanfare. Died in more obscurity. He wasn’t crucified between two friends, but between criminals He didn’t even know. Alone.
     And nobody really knew why He came until after the resurrection…
     In North America I suspect we fell for the same trap as Israel did back in the day. Maybe many people do?
     Jesus came to save something inside of every human we didn’t even know needed saving, that’s why no one saw it coming. What we really want is our bodies and souls to be saved. Trouble is, the last time I checked, the human body hovers around the 100% death rate. Our souls, however, are 100% eternal. The ageless question arises: where does the soul (the real you) go when your body dies? It goes somewhere. Can it actually connect with God?
     The answer is…. not really. Let me explain. “God IS Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.” John 4:24. The tripod of every human is 1. Body. 2. Soul. 3. Spirit.
     We all share this in common with each other. We all come into this world with a stillborn spirit. Dead. You might say “I would totally notice if I was missing something that important!”. Would you? If every single person born since the fall of mankind (Adam and Eve) was missing the same thing? Your mom, your brother, your sister, your accountant? How would you know?
     That’s what the death and resurrection of Jesus bought for us. The possibility of a spirit being “born again”. That’s what really connects with our heavenly Father. Now, you can “feel” or “hear” God in your soul, but that’s not what He sent Jesus to save. If you’ve spent your entire life wondering why you still sin and why your body gets sick and why your soul just can’t seem to sustain a relationship with God, today’s the best day of your life! (You’ve been asking your soul to do something it can’t!)
     Many of those professing Christianity in our nation came to Jesus in the first place under a horrible misconception. That’s why they leave the faith…. it can never do what they thought it would! They came seeking relief for their bodies and the pressure on their souls but maybe found none? So they leave and become angry and bitter at God and church because of false advertising? I can’t really blame them. Maybe the advertising wasn’t quite accurate…
 3 parts. Body, soul, spirit. My spirit is really what needed resurrecting…

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