Core 2: Who He is.

Who is Jesus?
I could take a poll today and get a whole pile of answers to that one… What I’m wondering is “who did God say that Jesus was?” I could pontificate about cricket all I want, but though some very nice man from Pakistan took his time to explain it to me I still don’t have a clue how to play cricket. I watch it sometimes to look cultured but only cheer when the crowd does so I don’t look like an idiot. 
Sacrifice. (Thought I’d throw that in there to maintain “reader alertness”.) 
That’s one of the things God said Jesus was. We find that word more often in the Old Testament than in the New, but it’s a very important concept. It’s gross, bloody, and makes us feel weird. Now IF we’re a mixed bag (some good, some bad) and If sin separates us from the God who made us and loves us, we’ve got a real problem. A messy problem. 
Contrary to society telling us that whatever you believe is good for you, which is a theory that works until someone takes something away from YOU, there is this thing called principle. Gravity. You get it right?Well, sin separates. Sorry, don’t shoot the messenger:) I wonder if society has confused love and respect with principles? Can’t really blame them for that; those of us in the church may have started that one actually… It doesn’t negate the fact that lying, for instance, breaks relationship.
Sin is a problem that requires a payment I’ll never have. But God, so rich in mercy and love, saw the problem and made a move. First, He introduced into a society where “might made right!” a whole new set of principles to live by, found in the Old Testament. He gave us the law of animal sacrifice to cover our sins. Messy, to be sure, but sin leads to ultimate separation from a holy God and that’s really messy.
Then He bankrupted heaven and sent down the One who He would have traded the rest of His heavenly creatures and treasure for. The final Sacrifice! The last one! And oh, it was messy. And confrontational… 
Why? Why? Because you can’t sacrifice something impure to cleanse impurity. You can’t pay the bill with fake money. And you can’t save yourself!

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