Grow 6. Reproduce.

Rabbits reproduce. They were made to. So were humans. You don’t have to really understand how it all works to be able to do it. You don’t have to believe in it either.

I spent a whole week wondering how to GET a Christ follower to reproduce him or herself before it hit me…. we reproduce ourselves no matter what anyways. I guess the real problem is WHAT we will reproduce.

There’s good and bad in all of us. I really don’t want to pass down the bad to my kids. But if I don’t DO something it is inevitable that my weaknesses will probably go straight to my kids. If my experience in observing families is at all accurate, those weaknesses get magnified.

There is a solution but it’s risky.

I have to admit there’s a problem first. Then I have to let it bug me enough to actually do something about it. You worried that you’re going to treat your husband the way your mom treated your dad? Do you want to pass this along to your daughters? Are you afraid you’ll be the absentee father that your own dad was?

You have to leave something at the door. Not your brain. Keep that! You’ll need it! But you will have to leave your self will at the door. Why? Because it’s not all about you. Because you may never be able to beat the bad by yourself. Ironically, that’s how you become a Christ follower too. When you meet someone greater you don’t have to have all the answers anymore!

That’s how I try to live. I walk beside the guy who rose from the dead. I defer to the one who’s just better at it than I am. It works with people too.

And I don’t waste time wishing I was good at everything anymore.

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