Grow 4 Dreams.

Your dreams.

Most of us can’t even remember what they were. Life just piles on “reality” in stressful doses, and over time they fade away.
Granted some of our dreams shouldn’t come true. Like wishing you could marry a girl whose father owns a liquor store… A boy in our church told us he wished he could grow up to be a fire… wait for it… truck! Now that’s an awkward conversation when you get older. “Hey, your dad gets to drive THAT to work every day? No, that IS my dad…” 
So silly dreams aside, I often wonder how people get out of bed in the morning. I’m the type that could go through a lot if I knew Why I was doing it. I was always asking “why?”. Still am.
Joseph in the bible had dreams. Old Testament Joseph. Yeah, maybe he was premature and told the wrong people his dreams at the wrong time (you should write that one down), but they really did come to pass. Dreams need time to mature. Maybe the soil in his heart wasn’t quite ready when he was a teenager. By the time he was 30 he was second in command in Egypt. A fascinating story about suffering unjustly. But God had a plan. 
He has a plan for you too. I don’t know how your dream feels. Mine is like a deep discontent about the state of things. Something sticks in my throat and gets worse as time passes. Until I’m just so fed up with it that it’s easier to attempt changing it, than to attempt living with it anymore. I’m not sure what it looks like for you.
Dreams mature through pain sometimes. That is not easily reconciled in today’s world, where comfort and ease are held up as something noble. Only to people with too much time and money on their hands. Now, I don’t mean you shouldn’t plan ahead towards an amount of comfort and ease, but they really only have to do with You. And that’s ok if your life is all about you.
But I can’t seem to shake this impending feeling that there’s something else out there. Like a treasure in a field that you stumble upon, then sell all you have to buy that field. That seems harder but feels cleaner. Because though I could LIVE for comfort I could never DIE for it. And I won’t live for something I wouldn’t die for any longer.
You’ve suffered. So have I. For what? You’d better have a dream that’ll cover it. 
I had a dream when I was 17. The same age Joseph was when he was sold as a slave and taken away to Egypt. 20 years have passed for me. Something sticks in my throat that actually causes me more pain than it did then. Well, it’s time.
I Dream of a day when…
Stay tuned for more:)
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