Grow 2. Sow the Seed

I hate duplicity. 

Most people do. I hate even more that I’d find it in myself without looking too hard. Saying one thing and doing another. It’s what a world in desperate need of a Saviour can’t quite reconcile, when they see his church acting unbecomingly. 
I don’t really mean acting unholy. We’re all that and a bag of chips some days. There was only one perfect one and it sure wasn’t us. What gets to us is a lack of authenticity. Maybe that’s why you left church years ago. It just didn’t make any sense. 
I was one of the luck ones. My folks were real. What you saw is what you got. They were flawed but they were trying. And they Always put their money where their mouth was. You can disagree with someone like that but you respect them at the same time. 
A christian is basically saying their personal redemption was bought at a price they were never going to be able to afford. And then they approach the life Jesus expects them to live like it’s optional? “Thanks Jesus for dealing with the sin issue…. as for the rest of my life, I’ll be running that!” It’s ridiculous. But it’s probably more accurate than we’d like to admit. When we don’t admit it, that’s duplicity. You hated it before you became a christian, and you should still hate it. Be real. At the very least be real.
Is there anything the God who gave his very best can’t ask of us? I can’t answer that for you. All I know is that he doesn’t want something From you. Only For you. We just think we’re as smart as he is sometimes.
“I can’t afford to give money to God!” Not true. What we can’t afford is duplicity. Fill in the blank with that One thing that’s keeping you from a Real conversation with the Real God. “You can have everything but _____!” 
The real question is why on earth we can’t seem to really trust the one who has never EVER done anything untrustworthy. But sometimes we’re our own worst enemies…
And I hate that.

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