Grow 1. Prepare the Soil

A similar atrocity happens to two somewhat similar people…

One person becomes angry and bitter. The other somehow lets that experience produce a sort of softness of heart inside, where that awful thing actually gets broken down and becomes usable in their soil. It becomes usable fibre. 
There are many storms that come upon us that we cannot control. Other people have sown seed in the field of your life and you’ve reaped a harvest. YOU have sown seed. Good and bad. 
The harvest of every experience and choice leaves behind the stalk… the straw…could we say the Memory of that time? That memory can do one of two things when cultivated or plowed in to the soil of your life. It can be broken down into usable fibre, or it can just sit there. Meaning? It can just sit there in that state until someone turns that soil back over. That someone could be your husband making an innocent comment that triggers an avalanche of regret in you because it reminds you of your abusive father. And you visit all that anger from way back when on the wrong person now. You sow a seed into your husband’s life that brings a harvest you regret. And the cycle continues, though you hate it.
The soil inside you needs an ingredient to break down those memories. My grandfather plowed soil too deeply once and turned it over two years later… only to find the straw in the same state it went under in. Not broken down or usable at all. It was missing an ingredient. If it is missing in your soil, you will turn that memory over years later only to find those memories just as painful as the day that started it all.
Nitrogen. If you don’t have it you can’t have soil that can break down your experiences. Here’s the nitrogen, two questions. “Why am I here?”… “Who am I here for?”. Answer these correctly and it can change everything for you…

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