Dark & Light 1. “It’s not dark in here!”

When I was a kid we used to play a game at birthday parties called “Pin the tail on the Donkey”. One person is blindfolded and has to find the right end of the cutout of a donkey taped up to something like a garage door and pin the tail on it. I think this was more for the amusement of the worn out birthday-party-parents, as it was rare for the child to be anywhere near the target. A funny game that we still play in a sense in our relationships now.
When there’s light it’s not hard to solve the issue of the donkey. But sometimes the issue is not the issue if you can’t see what you’re doing. And this raises the question in our relationships whether we have enough light to see by or not. Maybe everyone around us is slightly amused by our perspectives and dealings simply because they are not down in the ditches of our lives, dealing with often painful relationship issues, poor financial management, or just areas in our lives that have gone off the rails.
An objective viewpoint, or even a code to live by is often scorned as weakness or chains to freedom. But chains in my mind and dealings have more to do with life in the dark than life in the light. How healthy can I be if the issues absorbing my best time and energy aren’t really the issues at all? How would I even know?
You and I have to ADMIT. The first step in dealing with denial is to admit. How powerful is denial? It can trump even the Almighty God working in your life. He is kind and amazing, but not pushy. The light available from his way of living could change everything. Even if you don’t believe in a God who loves you, there is light available to you for your relationships. But all the light in the world doesn’t matter if I insist on living in the dark.
Admit. It’s the first step to a better life.

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