Dark & Light 4. Reflect

My mom thinks I’m a genius.
Isn’t it funny that no matter what you might think about me that thought was firmly entrenched in my self worth by the time I was seven. And there’s nothing you can do about it. It’s too late to try and kill my self esteem. I owe that to my mom.
I’m one of the lucky ones. I have a great mom. Maybe you weren’t so lucky. So what in your mom is worthy of honor on Mother’s Day? Surely there is something?
I was reading the book in the New Testament that Matthew authored. In chapter 5 of Matthew I found myself thinking I could be reading about my own mom here and some thoughts followed that…
I used to ride motor bikes when I was younger and I remember always keeping an eye on the fuel gauge. When the main tank ran dry and you had to switch to the reserve tank it was time to go home. You didn’t dip into the reserve tank and keep tearing around when you were miles from home. Mostly because we didn’t want to walk home and admit to our dads that we’d run out of gas.
Moms have reserve tanks too. What amazes me is that they have to “run on empty” so often (especially raising children) that it seems normal to the rest of us. But it isn’t. And that is what makes a mother special.
There is something inside of them that reflects the love of God in our world. Always on their hands and knees when we’d broken something helping us clean up the mess. The mess inside of us is what I’m talking about. How many no-win situations did they enter to try and sort out the hurt and pain and confusion that comes from growing up in a broken world?
For me to transfer how I trusted my mom to how I trust God today was the most natural thing in the world. I’ve never questioned His motives. Never. I have gone through tough times in my relationship with Him. Believe me. He has taught me painful lessons. To be responsible for people’s souls is something that can only come through great pain. I’m not bitter. He wasn’t. I trust Him to make it right in the end.
I believe with unshakeable faith that I am valuable. And I believe that you are too.
Whether or not I am a genius remains to be seen… at least one person thinks I am.

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