The Menu

It’s hard to order if it’s not on the menu…. Ok. A decision needs to be made in your life. You’re a smart person so you’ll make the smart decision, right? …But that’s what you told yourself last time. How did that work out? Look, nobody gets every decision right, but some people get a higher percentage don’t they? I’ve watched how some of them … Continue reading The Menu

Nothing was Free

“Dad when I turn sixteen will you buy me a car?” Dad (snorting): “If you want a car, you buy a car. Besides, you can’t afford the gas and insurance anyways…” “How much is gas and insurance?” Dad: “$____” Me: “You’re right, I couldn’t:)” …life lesson in the Kope home #1,037. There’s this thing now that says you should give your kids what your parents couldn’t afford … Continue reading Nothing was Free

Anger’s Greatest Enemy

“Hey Landon, you want to fight?” “Sure!” “Should we have any rules?” “Naw” “What about biting?” “Well, maybe not biting” “Ok… ready?” This I overheard when I was the 16 year old foreman of a crew of twelve young people working at a Sporting Clay event, which is like golf with shotguns. I was showing everyone their duties and from the tower beyond my friends … Continue reading Anger’s Greatest Enemy

Twenty One Pilots

My daughter Ailish came bouncing into my office last Wednesday morning with big news: Twenty One Pilots just released new songs! There’s been a million views since midnight!!!! All through the day I received crucial updates about the raging success her favourite band is experience even during the crushing defeat England suffered at the hands of Croatia. Future note to daughters: Don’t talk to dad … Continue reading Twenty One Pilots