Liverpool V Madrid (being a good loser)

Liverpool Football Club just went out in the Champions League Final to the terrifyingly good looking Spanish team Real Madrid. I can only chalk it up to one of two things: bad luck for Liverpool, or Real Madrid’s deal with the devil finally paying off. We lost Salah some thirty minutes into the game because Ramos took him out (my brother later texted me he … Continue reading Liverpool V Madrid (being a good loser)

Kijiji Trolls

I’ve been on the hunt for a new / old vehicle to replace my wife’s child-destroyed suburban, and placed an ad on Kijiji trying to sell it. I’ve noticed some things about Kijiji. It’s full of Trolls. A FB troll is someone who has too much time on their hands and would rather criticize people and issues they know nothing about while accomplishing as little … Continue reading Kijiji Trolls