Twenty One Pilots

My daughter Ailish came bouncing into my office last Wednesday morning with big news: Twenty One Pilots just released new songs! There’s been a million views since midnight!!!! All through the day I received crucial updates about the raging success her favourite band is experience even during the crushing defeat England suffered at the hands of Croatia. Future note to daughters: Don’t talk to dad … Continue reading Twenty One Pilots

Half Full

I have this thing that I say lately: “You can deal with negative things negatively or you can deal with negative things positively. Choose!” And it’s actually deeper than a quick, clever (if I do say so) word play. In it we recognize A. There are negative things to deal with, and B. I can choose my approach. I know a particular person who is … Continue reading Half Full

Liverpool V Madrid (being a good loser)

Liverpool Football Club just went out in the Champions League Final to the terrifyingly good looking Spanish team Real Madrid. I can only chalk it up to one of two things: bad luck for Liverpool, or Real Madrid’s deal with the devil finally paying off. We lost Salah some thirty minutes into the game because Ramos took him out (my brother later texted me he … Continue reading Liverpool V Madrid (being a good loser)